Anyone can be part of the culture of the movement, you can start from any point of ability and physical ability. The human being is created to move so you only need your body to start. Adult life and the lifestyle that is imposed on society is increasingly limiting our movements to poorer patterns and less broad ranges. Train to prevent it. We believe that your body is capable of incredible things. We believe it works best when you train to move as a complete unit. Movement gives you the power to explore your physical and mental potential.

Ofrecemos distintos servicios de entrenamiento personal, grupal  y entrenamiento online en función de las necesidades de cada alumno. Además en nuestro centro, disponemos de una sala de fisioterapia para tratar a nuestros alumnos o pacientes externos.

Todos nuestros servicios tienen el mismo denominador común: la practica del movimiento para la mejora de la salud y en consecuencia, de la calidad de vida.

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    The training par excellence

    If you have a specific goal, or want to develop a particular skill, you should opt for individual personal training, you will get results faster as it is a 1 to 1 class in which all the resources will be focused on you.

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    Small groups of up to six people

    Be part of the tribe sharing training and practice with people with the same concerns as you. Our group classes they are very small and allow to control the supervision and execution of the exercises of all the students.

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    Online training or planning

    If you do not live in Cantabria, we offer a online personal training service through a mobile app to be able to train from home without having to travel. We also offer planning and personalized online training programs (Minimum duration: 3 months)

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    Clases para niños

    Entrenamientos para niñ@s utilizando la base del juego como herramienta principal en su desarrollo motriz.

    Las edades comprendidas para esta clase son de 4 a 9 años.


Our prices are not available through the website since we do not want to be labeled only with a price comparable to the others.

We consider it very important to listen to you, get to know us and that you know us so that you have all the information when making your decision, before it is based solely on the price. Call us at 669020350 o envianos un correo electrónico a hola@soulescuelademovimiento.com to check our availability and to make an appointment to have a little chat with you and answer all your questions.

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