personal trainer

I have followed my instinct since 1982, and that same instinct was the one that told me to only do what I loved in life. So I decided that I wanted to dedicate myself to what really made me happy, sports. For several years now I have been able to convey to all my students my passion for movement.
I am a dreamer, honest, close, eternal student, constant nonconformist, seeker of challenges.

My professional experience reaffirms me in my thinking that it is essential to let each person know how special they are, in order to get the best out of themselves.

I look for the motivation and well-being of each of the people who decide to start training with me. Only in this way can we achieve all the objectives that are proposed.
And take care of the most important thing that each one has, health.


personal trainer

Siempre he sido lo que popularmente todo el mundo conoce por «un culo inquieto».
Desde muy pequeño he practicado toda clase de disciplinas relacionadas con el deporte: parkour, escalada, roller, voleibol, artes marciales…

Investigar y probar me ha hecho darme cuenta de que el desarollo de manera integra era imprescindible para poder seguir aprendiendo y jugando.

Es por ello que me uni al maravilloso equipo de SOUL, para cumplir mi objetivo de transmitir y enseñar a nuestros alumnos a volver a jugar de nuevo, a reaprender y probar diferentes maneras de relacionarnos con el entorno. Al final, la idea es llegar a viejo lo más joven posible.


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